Face the dangers as a sexy rescue operator in Zetrian

Pixel art game abuses the sexy images and voluptuous characters
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Released on Steam Zetria, a retro 2D pixel art platformer with action and puzzle elements. In the game you control Solana a rescue and rescue operator, who after receiving a distress signal descends on an exoplanet not yet mapped where he must face various dangers on his way to rescue the survivors of the research facility Zetrian.

aHR0cHM6Ly90aHVtYnMyLnJlZGdpZnMuY29tL0dyb3Rlc3F1ZUhhbmRtYWRlR3JlYXRob3JuZWRvd2wubXA0Solana is equipped with her advanced NX-37 Combat Harness in addition to a reliable secondary weapon, and will have to face the inhabitants of the research center that have various shapes and sizes, many tentacles and by-products of genetic research. There's even a species of space werewolf!

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Zetria has nine levels in total in addition to some secret areas to be unlocked during your journey, the game has a fully handmade pixel art, from the environment to the alien monsters that make up the cast. There are many fully animated encounters that are for adult audiences only.

Zetria is being developed by Karnedraws and will be released sometime in 2022 on Steam. The game also has a demo available on Itch.io.


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