Explore a beautiful wild island and meet its beautiful residents in "Tame It!"

Survive the challenges and interact with the characters without using words in this interesting game
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It's available on Steam Tame It!, an interesting point-and-click survival game developed by Manka Games where you're lost on a paradise island and you'll have to use your skills with emojis to communicate with the beautiful inhabitants of this place.


In Tame It! you control Lee, a guy who was going to a new job in the Bahamas, and his flight to the new job went fine and it looks like it would even happen something with Tonya, the hot girl who flew him the plane. But the situation turns into a total disaster when his plane crashes, and now without a plane, without a hot pilot and alone on a deserted beach, he only has pain and thirst. Instead of a quiet job at a beautiful hotel, now your only option is to learn to survive in this location.

Lee quickly discovers that he is not alone and the paradise island will show that it has several interesting secrets for him to know about its inhabitants, and it is still up to him to find out what happened to Tonya and if there is any way to escape this strange island.

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Tame It! has an interesting story contact without words, all dialogues, interface and tasks are performed with emojis, since you do not speak the language of the natives you will have to find the best way to express yourself so that they understand, so you don't need to know any language to be able to enjoy the game, but still if you find this way difficult, you can switch to English language whenever you want in settings. And even if the natives don't know your language, you can teach them how to communicate so they can understand what you want.

You will have to explore the island and discover its secrets while knowing the beauties that await you, the game has a day and night cycle, which will provide you with different encounters with different characters, in addition to a climate system, with clear skies, rains and even terrible storms. Your character may change over time, getting a tan, or growing a beard. You'll also have to keep an eye out and build a shelter where you can create anything from items to survive to spacious housing and delicious meals.

The game also has hidden stats like luck, hunting and gathering skills that will differentiate how difficult you advance in the story, it is also packed with mini-games like the classic fishing game! It is worth remembering that the inhabitants of the island are also very different, with exotic traits that differentiate their personalities, so each one must be treated differently so that you can develop a more intimate relationship.

Tame It! is now available on Steam, and also on Nutaku.


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