Erotic RPG +18 "Slutty Journey" is available for PC and Android via Nutaku

Game makes experiencing an adventure in a world full of demons and erotic goddesses who need to be satisfied
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Nutaku and developer Super H Game have announced that they are releasing the erotic RPG Slutty Journey on the Nutaku platform and will be available for PC (via browser) and Android devices.

Slutty Journey takes place in a world where you are the only human, and gets lost in the Lost Frontier, where you are found by beautiful maidens who have been sent into exile, here you will experience a world full of demons and erotic goddesses, while plunging further into a spicy adventure surrounded by women who need to satisfy their sexual desire.


Slutty Journey has more than 14 chapters in its history with stages with normal and hard mode, the game is professionally voiced to have an amazing experience during the H scenes, it is noteworthy that the game also has beautiful arts which further enhances the sexy appeal of the characters.

If you're interested, Slutty Journey is already available on the Nutaku website.

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