Elfheim - Chapter 1 will be released on March 2nd!

Immerse yourself in sweet elven love, lewd and hot in a world inhabited by lewd elves
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Artist Sunna revealed on his personal Twitter, that he will release the first part of his adult visual novel Elfheim on March 2nd! The game will be released for PC via Steam.

In the game you get to know the floating island known as Elfheim, home to all kinds of elves, magical creatures, ancient mysteries and fantastic adventures! You take on the metaphorical role of Informis, the all-powerful Slime King, who has been plucked from his throne and thrown straight into this unknown world. Now you must take on a new form and blend in with the locals as you try to regain your former glory.

With her relentless determination, Informis takes the form of a creature she encounters nearby, and on her way encounters a pair of female elves who are more than surprised by her unusual appearance. Not long after, their journey leads to an extraordinary sight, a giant tree unlike any other that houses an immense library deep within its trunk. There, you will meet your guardian and undergo your assessment, which will reveal some of the secrets that lie beyond your newly acquired human body. What you don't expect is that the inhabitants of this world are obscene elves, and they will use your new human body.

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Elfheim is a kinetic comic adult visual novel. The developers decided to focus on the abundance of beautiful artwork depicting scenes as they progress (much like a comic book) rather than static character sprites that change slightly (or not at all) through large blocks of dialogue.

The game features over 160 hand-drawn images and an original soundtrack.

Immerse yourself in the sweet, lustful, hot elven love of Elfheim.


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