Don't you know Comiket? Know what it is

Now learn a little about the biggest dojinshi event in the world.
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Do you call yourself a fan of anime, manga, hentais and doujins, and you don't know what Comiket is? Now learn a little about the biggest dojinshi event in the world.

Comiket, or Comic Market, is the largest made of dojinshi in the world, and takes place twice a year in Tokyo. The first edition was held in 1975 and was attended by 32 participating circles (groups) and around 600 visitors. Currently, the number of visitors exceeds half a million people and has a hundred participating circles (groups).

Yoshihiro Yonezawa the founder of the fair had the idea together with his friends Teruo Harada and Jun Aniwa after the closing of the manga magazine COM. Wanting to study manga and explore its potential, they formed a group (circle) and held the first event. To this day, the main focus of the fair is on dojinshi, which are the work of actors to show their work and perfect their talent. But the event already has hundreds of different products, including magazines, toys, games, and others that can be purchased during the days of the event, but as they are practically handmade works made only for those days (since dojinshi are rarely reprinted), after the end of the fair some products are extremely rare even in Japan, and can be found on the internet worth much more than their original value.


Comiket has also become the meeting place for cosplayers who parade and hold contests, and you can see all kinds of costumes at the event, but of course the vast majority are focused on anime and manga that are in fashion, but of course other unusual ones may appear in the middle of the crowd.

Even with this variety of things to see the focus is still the dojinshi with stories focused on eroticism. Several actors have already revealed themselves at the event, starting with simple works and with time reaching an incredible quality in their works, such as Tony Taka, who started at the event and after a few years was hired by Sony to work with the art of various games from the company.



Other well-known artists participate in practically all events, such as Ohtomo Takuji, Hisasi, Ishikei, Emily and Mochi already known in their works with hentais, and also artists like Tanabe Kyou and Koutaro known more for their works in anime like Bakemonogatari, all of them do exclusive works for events.

Other, more unknown, artists already stand out among their works of great quality.



The event is already so big that it launches more than 1000 new dojinshi per event and an incredible volume of copies, besides the thousands of gifts, toys and games that are part of the event.

So when you are reading that naughty dojinshi on some website, you can know that it was probably released on Comiket.

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