Dolphin Wave "Half Anniversary" Events Bring Lots of Bonuses and Surprises to Players

In addition to login bonuses, UR characters the game will also climax with the end of the main story
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To celebrate the half-year anniversary of Dolphin Wave Honey Parade announced several events that will take place from April 20th, which in addition to bonuses for players, new characters and even a free Gacha will bring the story to a climax, ushering in the end of the game's main story.


All players who log in to the game will receive the login bonus, a [Half-Anniversary UR Dolphin Guaranteed Gacha Ticket]! that will give you a random UR character from the list of all URs ever released until the update from March 10th, including the chance to get up to 1500 M-Stones by logging in during the event period.


Also available will be the Commemorative Gacha which will be free for players for 1 day, and which allows you to roll the gacha once a day during the celebration period, which totals up to 28 gacha attempts. In addition, several special quests where you can get luxurious rewards are also available, offering M-Stones and much more!

A Gacha Celebration will also be held starting April 20th, it will feature UR Iruka (Half Birthday) and UR Michiru (Half Birthday), both sporting new outfits as well as new memories!


Another addition arrives as the new feature known as “Visiting Diorama” which allows players to visit other trainers' dioramas. In the diorama you visit, you can see the diorama's clothing, accessories, poses, backgrounds, and more! You can also favorite the dioramas you've visited and send likes to them. The diorama function has been redesigned to have multiple camera angles and the girls can now be rotated and moved around. Special effects can also be added to make your diorama really special and unique.


Also as part of the half-year celebration of Dolphin Wave players will be available a new League Battle - Season 1, which will be held from April 20th, with a mission to battle the dolphins of other managers and earn victory points to increase your league ranking. There's also a Boss Event, running from April 20th to May 31st, where you can earn medals to earn rewards that include limited SSR dolphins and power-up materials.

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