Destiny Child will be shut down in September

As a thank you dev's released many bonuses and all store purchases for free to players
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Shiftup announced on their official blog that they are shutting down all servers for the game Destiny Child on September 21st. The game that was released in October 2016 will be live for just under 7 years when its servers shut down.

In the announcement the developers thanked players for staying in the game for the past 2,458 days since its release and said that they will thank players for having the Ragna Break and Ragna Burst event continue as normal, and will also gift players with resources in the form of 30,000 gems, 1,000,000 gold, 3,000 stamina and 3 premium summon tickets sent to your mailbox every day. Players will also be able to purchase all packs from the store for free until the end of the game.

The game will also hold an online memorial concert, and at the end of the game's lifespan, it will receive a Memorial Update where players will still be able to open the app to reminisce about the game's history, its characters, and the hot spring. Players who want to keep their information need to link to the memorial app and can do so after August 17th through an in-game setting before the game shuts down.

Destiny Child is a turn-based tactical RPG game, where the player must use incredible elemental skills to defeat enemies, earning points to release new equipment and items to advance in matches. The game also has an incredible art and finish very well detailed in the 2.5D animations.

Destiny Child is available for iOS and Android.

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