Destiny Child launches new season with update that brings World Boss Trial

Event gives you the chance to win several items to improve your card deck.
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Shift Up has released a new update for its game Destiny Child that brings the World Boss Trial to the new season.

Until June 8, players will find a new World Boss Trial with a Boss Raid quest. Players can summon up to 20 characters to fight for the chance to collect a multitude of in-game rewards, including fragments of magic mirror each time the boss is defeated. In addition, players will receive additional rewards for participating in the battle at least once a day or for completing the Trial Mission.


Magic Mirror Fragments can be used to purchase in-game items, including Child 5 stars, Soul Card 5 stars and more. The store is open until June 11.

Those who take charge of the world will meet two new Childs, Rider Kubaba, 5-star, a Dark Type Attack Booster and the passionate 5-star Governor Aurora King, a Light Defender Child.

Destiny Child features over 300 character cards to be collected and used. Each character has its own story that players can use in their team, to create various strategies in order to advance the narrative. The game was originally released in 2016 in Korea.

Destiny Child is available for iOS and Android.

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