DEAD DAYS - Game R18 of controlled action will be released by MangaGamer

Story about four strangers revived to fight as wraiths as they face the unnatural libido and arousal of their new bodies
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MangaGamer announced at its panel at Anime Expo 2023 that it will release DEAD DAYS, a dark action visual novel developed by CLOCKUP written by the writer of Maggot Baits.


DEAD DAYS tells the story of four strangers who died. Now, they've been given a second chance, revived and forced to hunt wraiths just to keep their new bodies charged with the energy that fuels their second chance at life. But any joy they might have had in living again is soon stifled by the dispassionate boss who treats them like expendable fighters, with no concern for the unnatural libido and arousal caused by their new bodies' reaction to stressors. Can these people live with all the violence they cause, the murders and the flames of lust that burn them from within? Will they really return to their normal lives or is it all a sham?


DEAD DAYS does not yet have a confirmed release date. We'll keep an eye out.

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