Dating simulator "Peach Hills Academy" will have you adventuring through a fun school comedy

Developed by EvilBuda game has a unique and interesting style
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Artist and developer EvilBuda is creating Peach Hills Academy, a fully 3D dating simulator with adventure and puzzle elements and gameplay. Peach Hills Academy is a fully animated 3D visual novel with a cartoon style, and focuses on comedy and the ridiculous events that can occur with the characters.

In Peach Hills Academy you take on the role of Jim, a boy who grew up and left his hometown to study at a preparatory school, the Peach Hills Academy, in order to show his value and become someone respectable. But the academy is known for being very strict and highly competitive, and students are encouraged to join various clubs and challenge each other in duels under the academy's specific rules, in order to develop their own fame and notoriety. Jim will have to use his skills and intelligence to overcome these challenges and excel at school. And during his journey he will meet several students and he will even be able to develop his intimate relationship with many of them.


Peach Hills Academy is being developed by a group of developers that EvilBuda managed to gather, and who intend to release an immersive game that allows players to customize journey, from the appearance of the protagonist, up to their abilities and who have love interests of their own, according to the player's preference.

The game already has a demo that you can download from the official website where you can see the prologue of the story and meet two of the characters present in the game. In the final version, the game is intended to have more than 20 fully voiced and animated characters, a great freedom for players with an open progression system and decisions that can be branched with results that will appear throughout its history.

You can find more details about Peach Hills Academy on the official website or on the game's Patreon page.

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