"Daily life with my succubus boss" - De-stress after work with a lustful succubus!

Game about stressed-out worker and a succubus who looks like her boss will be released in May!
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It will be released in May for PC via Steam Daily life with my succubus boss a casual indie game where you are a worker under a lot of pressure at work and after losing your girlfriend, and who manages to relieve the accumulated stress by summoning a succubus to vent. Unexpectedly, the succubus looks like your hot boss who bullies and pressures you at work! Fortunately, she maintains her devilish figure and an exciting life of cohabitation is about to begin.

aHR0cHM6Ly9jZG4uY2xvdWRmbGFyZS5zdGVhbXN0YXRpYy5jb20vc3RlYW0vYXBwcy8yNTY5MTg4NjMvbW92aWVfbWF4LndlYm0=In the game you became nothing more than an emotionless money-making machine, slaving away for the corporation as an engineer. The difficulty of his job not only ensured a poor quality of life, but also the reason why his fiancée left. But that's not all... Your boss may even look like an angel, but who hides her callous heart behind her hot appearance, intimidates and overwhelms you day after day!

Your hatred and resentment is growing, and just as you're about to explode, you meet a strange elderly fellow. He teaches you how to summon a succubus who will heal you with her sweet love. Who would have thought that the busty succubus, Sakyuuba, looks exactly like the boss you so despise? Your body gives out and you find yourself wavering between love and hate. Your sexy, lewd, hot and spicy life with Sakyuuba is about to begin!

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Daily life with my succubus boss has adult scenes fully voiced, with interesting lines and lewd and sensual sounds from the girls. The game features art by Tamada Heijun as well as animations made in Live2D that allow you to explore various ways to interact during sex scenes. The game can also be controlled with one hand...

Daily life with my succubus boss comes to PC via Steam in May.


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