CyberpunkXXX - Adult action game gets free demo

Game aims to fuse third-person shooter action with stealth and adult themes wrapped in an open-world environment.
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Gamerflex Studios has just released a free PC demo of CyberpunkXXX, its new cyberpunk-themed adult game, the demo is available on


CyberpunkXXX is an 18+ third-person action-adventure set in a cyberpunk-style dystopian world. You play as one of two Bounty Droids hired by an underground rebel force to help overthrow the ruling dictatorship. Use weapons, vehicles, and melee combat to achieve your objectives.

The game takes place in the year 2065, now the world is a very different place, a combination of war, corruption and climate change has devastated civilization as we know it, what remains of the population lives in large cyber cities scattered across the world, consisting of several themed districts. Using a combination of violent force, infiltration and sexual manipulation, you'll have to travel from city to city, altering the delicate balance of power while ensuring your own survival. The odds are stacked against you, but with a vast array of weapons at your disposal, including Mech vehicles and robots, as well as your own powers of seduction, you are the last remaining hope.


Cyberpunk XXX aims to fuse third-person shooter action with stealth and adult themes wrapped in an open-world environment. The game has a "story mode" where you play one of two droids and seek to overthrow the "Governance", the ruling elite that controls the population. And also the "open world" mode where you can discover the secrets of the big cities by exploring their secret districts and settlements at your own pace, being free to explore the entertainment offered by this giant world.

Cyberpunk XXX is being developed by a three-person team, and the developers need support, which you can do by adding the game to your wishlist, or helping with Patreon of the project.


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