Cherry Tale adds Vtuber Projekt Melody as a playable character

The game is based on fairy tales, and its characters are naughty versions of Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf and other characters
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Mobile RPG Cherry Tale is getting another character, Vtuber from Projekt Melody. The announcement of the partnership with VShojo was made on the game's official twitter.

Cherry Tale is a game based on fairy tales, and its characters are naughty versions of little red riding hood, the big bad wolf, enchanted fairies and many other characters from fantasy tales.

The new character, Projekt Melody's Vtuber, was originally dedicated antivirus software, but was accidentally attacked by a "pornographic virus" during a routine scan. As a result, Melody sparked a taste for adult content and evolved from regular software to artificial intelligence. Now, with fame earned as a live streamer, Melody expands her influence to “Cherry Tale”. In this fantastical world where passion and desire intertwine, what kind of story will Melody create?

During the event players can choose and unlock the character along with other rewards such as materials and diamonds. The update will be available in the game's multiple languages. The event starts on July 14th and runs until August 1st.

Melody Project

Project Melody is an American VTuber currently affiliated with the company VShojo, often referred to as "Hgirl", as its main streaming platform is the adult website Chaturbate, but has also branched out into streaming on Twitch and Youtube for SFW content. She is known to be obsessed with nsfw media and is quite good-natured during her streams, often painting herself as an idiot and adding some kind of misfortune to her stream while also casually playing games.

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