Chainsaw Man's Power is getting a H-version collectible figure

Figure has two versions one with "more" clothes than the other, which shows everything you want to see!
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Dodomo Studio has announced that it is producing a collectible figure of the character Power from the anime Chainsaw Man, the difference is that this figure takes the bathroom scene where she pays her debt to Denji to another level. The studio confirmed that the figure will have two versions, one with "more" clothes than the other.








The first Power version wears a pink blouse with her signature sneakers, and to top it off, very tight and revealing panties. The second version is a nude version, much more daring where the character has her blouse up and without her panties revealing everything that has to be seen.

The estimate that sales of the figure will start in November 2023 and will be sold on the website for $100.

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