Beta-SixDouze - Fight mecha and furry characters in this new visual novel

Game comes to PC soon with version for all ages on Steam and adult version via Johren
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Shiravune has announced that Beta-SixDouze, a visual novel developed by Liar-Soft, will be released for PC via Steam soon, the game also features adult version that is already available on Johren's website.


Beta-SixDouze is a space adventure of around 10 hours with CG events highlighting the original anime-style artwork. Also, there are mech fights, furry characters all behind a sci-fi script. The game also features Japanese voice acting for all characters.


The story takes place 380,000 kilometers from Earth, where a rose blooms beyond the night sky. His silhouette shines in the moonlight, his intentions are unknown, but humanity has nicknamed him Consuelo. We meet Yosuke Hakone, a pilot in Earth's army with a mission to go into space with his co-pilot Hanaco and defeat humanity's greatest threat. However, teamwork ends up dividing the duo. Thankfully, there are mechs and characters to help fuel this adventure.

The game has an adult available on the Johren website, but the launch of Steam will be the all-ages version.


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