"Beauty And Violence: Valkyries" puts beautiful and sexy girls in the midst of total violence in this interesting ARPG

Fight with beautiful Valkyrie in deadly battles against monsters and brutal bosses
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Coming to Steam, Beauty And Violence: Valkyries, an ARPG game developed by L2 Game Studio, the same studio behind She Will Punish Them, and in this new game you will take control of beautiful Valkyries who have declared war against brutal monsters that have spread across the Nordic Kingdom now destroyed by Ragnarok.


In Beauty And Violence: Valkyries you will be able to customize your heroine as you wish, modifying her face, body proportions, hairstyles, makeup and even facial expressions. Choosing from a variety of different types of armor and weapons to make her the most feared and sexiest warrior maiden in Ragnarok. In order to unleash all his strength with violence on his enemies.

The game has several atmospheric environments packed with details, run through dark forests full of horrible creatures, or crawl into the sinister catacombs while listening to the echoes of the dead. And to help you, you can increase combat effectiveness with new equipment and items that are collected during your journey in order to increase your skills and attributes.

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Beauty And Violence: Valkyries the game also has a progression system and skill tree, where you can control the advancement of your Valkyrie based on Norse mythology, which can unlock new powers and abilities. And remember that whenever you feel like it, you can take a break, and relax in your camp's bathtub while enjoying a horn full of mead.

Beauty And Violence: Valkyries will be released via early access on Steam, but unfortunately there is no set date yet. And if you liked it, you can now add it to your wish list through its official page on the platform.


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