Azur Lane x Dead Or Alive Extreme Venus Vacation - Collaboration Event Reruns on April 27

In addition to new characters, the event includes those that already appeared in the previous event.
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The collaboration event between Azur Lane and Dead or Alive Extreme Venus Vacation will get a repeat starting on April 27th! This marks the first rerun of an event in Azur Lane since its launch in 2019. The announcement made by the official Twitter of the game made a post that shows that most of the first event is returning, but this new will add two new characters along with new skins and hot spring outfits for Marie Rose.


The event introduces new enemies to fight, event tokens to exchange for rewards, and movable poster sets to earn several new characters, including a free copy of Misaki and Nyotengu. The new characters that arrive are: Tamaki, Luna and Marie Rose.


Those who return to the game from the previous event: Kasumi (SSR), Marie Rose (SSR), Honoka (SSR), Monica (SR), Nagisa (SR), Misaki (SSR) and Nyotengu (SR), but the latter only can be acquired as a milestone reward during the Event.

The game will also introduce these characters' special outfits, each available for purchase from the in-game skin shop. Skins for SSR characters cost 900 rubies each, and skins for SR characters cost 800 rubies.


The collaboration event between Azur Lane and Dead or Alive Extreme Venus Vacation starts on April 27th!

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