AI-generated images of sexy women spark conversations on Twitter

AI bot users started generating extremely realistic images of women
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It's not new for anything to become the subject of discussion on Twitter, and this time, a large number of people came together to discuss the limit that AI-generated art. In this case, a user posted some art showing the ability of an AI to generate extremely realistic images of women, where many of the users who responded were impressed with the results, and of course, many criticizing.

The original tweet has been receiving hundreds of views from the curious and interested in the images created through an AI art generator. Many users claim that now there is no turning back, AI images will take over practically everything, since pornography is something that is always on the lookout for new technologies to spread and makes technology gain strength at a certain point (see VHS tapes). Others debate whether it's better to stop technology before it gets out of control. But apparently most users are enjoying the results.

For your enjoyment, here are some examples:











Of course, as we've seen before, AI arts have their limitations, and it looks like her fingers and teeth are the part she hasn't learned to work properly yet. With several imperfections in these details.


Are you interested but don't know how AI imaging works? Basically it is an intelligent computer script that is "trained" based on photos and images, it learns from them how to draw something, the user then just asks through a prompt what he wants him to draw, something like "woman with big breasts in a bathtub by the sea". The image will be generated from there as per the types and styles of images provided during training.


At this point comes the most controversial issue of the thing, many artists have been claiming that "AI trainers" use their works, and thus make images by AI with similarities to those that it creates, considering a breach of copyright, fraud and even theft of images, since many of the images used in training are taken from a database on the internet.

But now with trainers turning to real photos, what claims will they make against AI images? Since she can be trained using images of ordinary people and everyday life.

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