Adventures on an obscene journey in "Dawnbreaker - Aeon's Reach"

Game will immerse you in an adventure with some of the hottest girls in the galaxy
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It's arrived at Steam, Dawnbreaker - Aeon's Reach, an interesting erotic visual novel that will put you in the role of a tired bounty hunter who is now looking for some fun, and who will go on a spicy adventure through the universe with a bunch of bandits. Now you'll immerse yourself in an obscene adventure with some of the hottest girls in the galaxy.

Like every good visual novel, Dawnbreaker - Aeon's Reach has several choices that will impact the story's routes by changing the ending, and making you play again if you want to know the whole story. I can also highlight the characters, which are created with attractive high quality 3D graphics, plus some animations to make your experience even more interesting.


You will be able to venture out and discover new places, ranging from arid deserts, jungles, lost ships and others each with its own characteristic, where you can also encounter dangers that can make your adventure come to an end, so be careful with your choices and the that does or says.

Another interesting part is that the game has several options of erotic postures for you to enjoy, let your senses and desires choose for you what to do during the game.

The developer, CrazySky3D, promises that the game has a lot of history, between 5 to 6 hours of gameplay, with several different endings, over 300 high-quality CGs and a gallery of images, with room for music and features to replay already unlocked scenes, plus other extra details.

Dawnbreaker - Aeon's Reach is now available on Steam.


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